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 Hi! I'm AJ... 

There is no better reward other than seeing others succeed, and this became the driving force behind my personal, and business’s core values: Passion, Energy, and People.

When I am not channelling my energies into delivering results, I can usually be found expelling the excess at the gym.

So if you have any problems that are holding you back, find that achieving your goals seems more and more impossible, or if you fancy a quick chat or coffee, I would be delighted to hear from you.

After receiving a health warning from my doctor, I chose to go down the fitness route, rather than medication! Through focusing on my fitness and weight loss I managed to move away from the medication for a more holistic approach to my health and well being.


I achieved this with the support of my personal trainer (yes PTs have PTs)! My experiences inspired me and gave me the confidence and ability to guide people through their own journeys of development and lifestyle changes.

My specialism training areas are weight management, nutritional support, mental health support, and diabetes management based training.

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-Now is the perfect time-
-to get started...-

One to one initial goal orientation and consultation

1 hour, one to one personal training sessions

Workout programme

Individually tailored plans

Nutrition coaching

Weekly check-ins and feedback

Members area with helpful downloads

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 Start your transformation   and start achieving your   goals today... 

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